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Gts biography

There is more than one artist with this name: 1) GTS (also known as Groove That Soul) is a Japanese, three-man house unit, consisting of DJ Gee, DJ TURBO, and Satoshi Hidaka. The band debuted in 1995 with a cover of Chaka Khan's, "Through the Fire". The single featured vocals by Melodie Sexton, who would go on to record 10 more tracks with GTS. The following year (1996) saw the release of the self-titled debut album, "Groove That Soul". GTS enjoyed global acclaim with the singles, "Share My Joy" (2000), "What Goes Around Comes Around" (2001), and "A Better World" (2003), all of which charted in the Top 5 of American Billboard's Club Play charts. The trio's latest album, "Majestic", was released in 2009. The album features guest vocals from Robbie Danzie, Arvin Homa Aya, KG, Brenda Vaughn, Melodie Sexton, mink ("made in korea"/ Mi Kyung Lee), and DOUBLE. 2) An AOR project put together by ex-Moritz and If Only guitarist Greg Hart with former White Spirit and Airrace man Toby Sadler and featuring erstwhile Ya Ya vocalist Sam Blue. Having released the "Tracks From The Dustshelf" album in 1995, the group followed up with the sophomore effort "Time Stood Still". 3) A band from Taiwan mixing Chinese /Taiwanese operatic and traditional music with electronic music.

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