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Talking about Guadalupe Pineda is to talk of a voice and a style that have marked the musical scene in Mexico and Latin America. She's been worthy of innumerable recognitions, awards and special mentions from the critics. Guadalupe Pineda has proved through 30 years of career that quality and purity of music are not opposed to the popular approval. Born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico Guadalupe moved to Mexico City where she got her roots since early age. After studying Sociology at the faculty of Politic Sciences (UNAM), started a career as singer in samll forums and coffee shops. Not too many people knows that before starting to sing, Guadalupe had experience at different jobs as a real estate seller, apprentice to a mechanic and as a guitar teacher. Her first opportunity came in 1974 singing Latin America and Jewish folkloric songs. In that period she formed 2 groups: "La Propuesta" and "Sanampay", with this second one she recorded 3 discs and showcased herself for first time in the United States. In 1980 recorded an album with Carlos Diaz "Caito" and in 1981 she formally started a solo artist career. She took her voice to many civic squares, correctional buildings, mental health institutions, reformatories, offices and parks until in 1984, after 10 years of hard work, she recorded the track "Yolanda", also know as "Te Amo" (duet with Pablo Milanes), which conquered the hearts of all Mexico. Just in our country, the sales of the album reached million and a half copies. Now-a-days, Guadalupe Pineda has a discography of 22 albums, with at least the latest 4 produced by herself as an independent artist. She has received Gold and Platinum certifications with some of her albums due to high sales, including a Double Platinum certification for her album "Arias de Opera" (2004). Her voice has transcended Mexican frontiers, she has been included in national and foreign movies and also has been part of important collections such as "Buddha-bar" of France, or the "Monte Carlo" Italian collection, that have been edited and released all over the world. Her albums have been released in countries as far as Japan and she has performed on stage around the world (United States, Ireland, Spain, Italy, France, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Central and South America). Her most recent shows took place at Paris in 2005, and at the historic Argentinian opera house, "Teatro Colon of Buenos Aires" in November of 2006. There have been also shows at some of the more important and recognized forums in Mexico, like "El Palacio de Bellas Artes", "Sala Nezahualcoyotl", "Teatro de la Ciudad de Mexico" (which was restored in 1985), "El Teatro Degollado", "El Teatro Juarez", and forums of the "Cervantino" festival, as well in the most representative and famous civic square of the country, the "Zocalo de la Ciudad de Mexico". All these places have been witness to the art of Guadalupe and the great love from her public.

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