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Guano Padano’s music is a kind of road movie, unfolding between the scorching asphalt of Highway number 4 and the juicy smells of the peasant festivals so common in the Pianura Padana. It’s a dreaming mixture of rock, psychedelia, folk and country, jazz improvisations and Morricone hints. Alessandro "Asso" Stefana and Zeno de Rossi started to work together some years ago while playing in Vinicio Capossela’s band, of which they are still steady members. For this trip they are joined by Danilo Gallo, a double bass player with a dark, meaty, gutsy style, who has shared with Zeno various adventures merged in El Gallo Rojo collective, one of the most interesting experiences of Italian underground and independent jazz. For their forthcoming record “Guano Padano” they put together many distinguished guests, like Alessandro Alessandroni (the renowned whistler of the immortal Ennio Morricone’s soundtracks), Gary Lucas (guitarist with Captain Beefheart and Jeff Buckley), Chris Speed (clarinet player with Tim Berne, Uri Caine, John Zorn etc.) and, last but not least, the legendary Bobby Solo. GUANO PADANO is: ALESSANDRO "ASSO" STEFANA steel guitar, banjo, raagini, clap hands, acoustic guitar, soprano guitar, pedal steel guitar, electric guitar, omnichord, stylophone. DANILO GALLO bass, vibes, clap hands, upright piano, caravelle delux organ, vox super continental organ. ZENO DE ROSSI drums, slit drum, tambourine, clap hands, vocal, trap set, bull buster, glockenspiel.

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