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Sometime in 1997 a handful of bored Norwegian metalheads were drinking beer at the local pub. Someone came up with the idea to form a band. What started out as musicians killing time, soon developed into something a lot more more serious. Their first demo landed them a record deal, and the debut album Edge of Tomorrow was released in 2001. The album received great reviews and the band made loyal fans all over the world. Both a Brazilian- and a German fan site were made by devoted fans. The band did shows all over Norway and played almost every metal festival in the country. The second album Machines of Mental Design was recorded in 2004. This time the album was released through Massacre Records in Europe, Spiritual Beast in Asia, The End Records in USA and FaceFront Records in Scandinavia. Machines of Mental Design received great reviews all over the world. The music was by many labeled as «thinking man’s metal» and were often compared to the epic masterpiece Operation: Mindcrime for its well thought composition and lyrics. Guardians of Time joined the 2004 «Scream Tour» playing all over Norway, and pivoted by playing at Norway’s biggest festival, the «Quart Festival», opening for Slipknot on the main stage, proving that Guardians of Time had indeed become a great live act. During 2004 two of the members quit, leaving the band in limbo. Bernt and Paul were the only members that would still be involved in music the next years, and though other bands were joined and formed (Paul played in Trail of Tears), the legacy of the Guardians could not be forgotten, and an urge to continue this legacy was ever present. Finally the time had come for the Guardians of Time to rise once again! The year was 2009, and a new line-up was shaped. The main songwriters of the band, Bernt Fjellestad and Paul Olsen teamed up with guitarist Bent Lindebø, drummer Øivind Vågane and bassist Jonkis to bring the band back to life, and to take it to new heights! Guardians of Time have completed their 3rd album these days. Recorded in Mayhem-music studio. Produced by Audun Grønnestad, who has worked with such bands as Trail of Tears, Angel and Imperia. This is the bands strongest album to date, rock solid songs and musicians that are more determined and more experienced than ever before! Guardians of Time are under contract to Mayhem Music (Norway). The record will be distributed world wide through Indie Distribution and promoted by Metal Revelation.

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