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Guasones biography

Guasones is a rock band from La Plata, Argentina. Formed in 1992, the band members are Facundo Soto (vocals and guitar), Jose Tedesco (guitar), Maximiliano Timczyszyn (guitar), Esteban Monti (bass), Damián Celedón (drums), Fernando Muto (percussions) and Juan Manuel Puente (keyboards). The story began on 1992, when a couple of friends gather just to have some fun, Cindy Lauper kindastyle. Performing in pubs for years, they slowly but surely managed to build a base of unconditional fans. Some attention was drawn towards them when Black Amaya, legendary drummer of Pappo's Blues and Pescado Rabioso, gave them his support. In 2000 they recorded their first album, and in 2001 their second, the succesful "Con la casa en orden". The band's next album, "Como animales", was released in 2003. Under the production of Pablo Guyot and Alfredo Toth, they released "Toro Rojo" in 2005. They are well known by hits such as "Down", "Gracias", "Estupendo día" and "Reyes de la noche".

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