Guau top 20 songs


Guau biography

Dj since 2000, producer since 2004, he is one of the founders of digital company has revolutionized the breakbeat´s scene in Spain: Elektroshok Records. His productions range from darkest tear-out to the freshest breakbeat, without neglecting sound experiments that twist the structure, tempo and tone of his songs to focus all the attention of his audience to the dj. From his first album (Pink @ Cut & Run Records - 2006) he has left his mark in the bags of the most important djs of the world. In his last songs is testing the mixture of styles, as in their sessions, getting a sound that leaves every listeners satisfied. Its intensity is magnified by his ability to lift the party when he takes over the microphone, while making the role of dj and speaker. In short, it is impossible not to dance while GUAU is on the party.

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