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Guidance biography

There are two bands name Guidance 1. Guidance was a straight edge hardcore band from London, England. The band was made up of members of groups such as Abolition, Repentance, Mankind and Violent Reaction. 2. Guidance is a four piece band which started out in Israel at the year 2000. The bands music is a blend of roaring guitars, melodic vocals and hypnotizing grooves making up an uneasily defined genre of Hard Rock. Each player brings his influences to the whole; old and new, Western and Mediterranean all fall together into a unique whole. Guidance started out by playing small venues in local pubs, after a while they recorded their first few songs, and later on traveled to Canada seeking experience in a country more open to this genre. After spending almost a year in Canada while constantly practicing and performing, the band returned to Israel as a focused, experienced, and more professional group of musicians. Guidance started playing larger venues and gathered a hard cored and stable audience which grew from show to show. In the year 2002 Guidance recorded their first self produced album labeled Trust, which was printed in a limited edition. All copies were sold and the reactions to the music were very positive as the band was invited to various radio shows, interviews, and concerts as special guests. Against all odds, Guidance was to be known as one of the best bands in its genre while leaving a mark on the Heavy metal scene in Israel. By the year 2004 Guidance recorded an E.P. for promotional purposes named Grave Consequences which was consisted of 5 tracks. The band intends on recording additional tracks before releasing a second full length album in the near future. 2) Guidance is a London Straight edge band.

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