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There are multiple artists (Discogs has over 20 matches) using this name. 1) A dubstep producer from Bristol, UK. 2) A Japanese jazz band that consists of Hidenobu "KALTA" Ootsuki and Hiroshi "HATA". 3) A indie/folk band from Assis, São Paulo, Brazil. 4) Guido de Lange, a composer in the 13th century 5) Paul Jackson and Gareth Thorrington. A rock band from Swansea, South Wales. 1) Guido is a dubstep producer from Bristol, UK. Famous for his synth-driven, melody-oriented tunes. 2) Guido is a Japanese jazz band that consists of Hidenobu "KALTA" Ootsuki and Hiroshi "HATA". They're well known for performing an arrangement of the soundtrack of Chrono Trigger, The Brink of Time. KALTA and HATA were also part of Millennial Fair - a collected musical ensemble that performed Creid, arrangement soundtrack of Xenogears; and were producing Tobal No.1 and its arrangement soundtrack, Electrical Indian. 3) In 2011, they recorded their first album, "Triste Cru", released the following year. The album was produced by Kiko Bueno, who plays with Guido in the instrumental project Allice ( Over time, Kiko join the band as second guitarist. The album 'Coragem!' is the direct successor of 'Triste Cru', the debut album of the band. 4) A 13th century composer Guido [de Lange], whose compositions are included in the Codex Chantilly. 5) They self released an album called Hope and Affirmations

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