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OBS: This is an incorrect tag for ギルド, correct your ID3 tags. Japanese rock music has raised names larger than Gods and their fandom grows like ivy. GUILD is the New Age uncut diamond, discovered in 2006 under the ground of the ancient imperial capital of Japan, Kyoto. It was only to carve music forever that Ryuichi, Yoshihiro, Takuma and Koichi joined the Guild. Their youth, their originality to the day made the transition from graphite to the most stable form of precious gem. This is GUILD: the gilded beautiful visual kei band, at odds with the snob hunting society. Yoshihiro delivering his riffs to defy the lights in their tyranny and the unique voice of the aristocrat Ryuichi tolls on, his vibes throng to drown the quavering treble's passionate flow. Guild sow excitement now reaps power. Their new sound has made their album - "Gilded" the JRock treasure to envy and they are now ready to conquer the pristine untouched lands of Europe. MEMBERS: RYUICHI on Vocal Birthday: 11/18 Blood Type: AB Favorite: Singing YOSHIHIRO on Guitar Birthday: 6/18 Blood Type: A Favorite: Reading, Walking TAKUMA on Bass Birthday: 5/27 Blood Type: B Favorite: Playing with cats KOHICHI on Drums Birthday: 9/28 Blood Type: A favorite: Washing the car Record Label: Zany Zap

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