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Pete Brasino was a late bloomer. He didn't pick up a guitar for real until he was in highschool. Within six months, he was considered the best in his school, earning him the highest of respect, along with a nickname that has stuck with him through today, "Guitar Pete." This legend-in-the-making status was further enhanced by the fact that at age 16, Pete was playing topless bars on a regular basis. As a kid, the first guitar he picked up was his older brother's acoustic, all two strings of it. And like most young kids who didn't have an actual guitar pick he would use anything that would still pluck the strings. Pete's choice of accessory was a nail (the hammering kind.) Things haven't changed too much after all these years. While today he does use a real pick, his prize possession remains a old beat-up Aria Pro II electric guitar he bought at a pawn shop for 75 bucks. "It screams!," boasts Pete. Besides his amazing guitar prowess, the other feature that makes Pete stand out is the way he plays guitar - upside down and backwards. "Being a lefty, there weren't any guitar teachers who could teach me, so I had to learn on a guitar that was strung for a righty. I hold the guitar as a lefthander would, but I play like a righty. I never have a problem finding a guitar to use like most lefties do. Some guitar enthusiasts freak out over the way I play, but it's as normal as anything else I do." Pete chose to pursue music full-time. For several years, he hit the road travelling between New York and Memphis, living out of his car, and playing with musicians he met at jam sessions along the way. The legend of "Guitar Pete" spread. He eventually moved back to New York, where he released three albums of heavy metal proportion as "Guitar Pete's Axe Attack." Pete's reputation continued to grow. He eventually came to the attention of many music industry people, including the late record producer, Jimmy Miller (Rolling Stones, Motorhead, Johnny Thunders) whom he had the opportunity to work with. In 1994, Pete's band, Snakeyed Su was signed to Giant Records. The record was produced by heavyweights Steve Thompson and Michael Barbiero (Blues Traveller, Guns 'N Roses, Korn, L7, Aretha Franklin). After working on their album for a year, Giant decided to shelve the project. Pete was again a free agent. "The opportunity to work with a major label like Giant was a great experience. But what happened to us was also disappointing. It did, however, re-affirm in my mind that I wanted to once again have control over my own destiny and my music. My lawyer introduced me to an indie label that had recently signed one of his other clients. He thought the label and I both shared the same drive, work ethic and discipline to make a real go of it. We clicked right away, and haven't looked back since." Pete's first Tangible Music release, "Burning Bridges" was co-produced by Pete and Jim Sabella, owner and engineer for Sabella Recording Studios located in Roslyn Heights, NY. Sabella recorded the hit CD for Marcy Playground (includes the hit, "Sex and Candy"). Pete will finally get to have his cake and eat it too. "Burning Bridges" showcases his smoking blues-styled guitar playing. Included is an ass-kicking version of "Mustang Sally," the smoldering "Gasoline" and "Turnin' Off", and his personal tribute to, shall we say, well-bottomed women - the swampy "Jellyfish." Guitar Pete will get your juices flowing and your air guitars soaring like they haven't been since the early days of Stevie Ray. "Burning Bridges" is scheduled for release in September. Guitar Pete has been spotted on MTV quite a bit lately, and he'll continue to be seen throughout the summer as the network broadcasts from the Jersey shore. Some of Pete's other music credits include: Session guitarist for Tears For Fears, David Bowie and Michael Monroe Co-writer of "Don't Dog Me" for Raging Slab Has Played Live with Richie Blackmore and Brian Setzer

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