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Guitara biography

Guitara Band , an Kuwaiti band, is composed of four members: Fahad, Renad, Khaled and Rahaf. Khaled was at the origin of the band’s set up, which turned out to be very successful in Kuwait. Khaled was indeed good friends with Rahaf, and attended one of her piano performances. He was seduced by the young woman’s virtuosity, and suggested the idea of forming a band. The young woman dreamed, from an early age, of becoming a pianist and thus agreed enthusiastically. She even suggested including a third member to the band: her best friend Renad. The band performed in a few concerts, more particularly in Baghdad. Khaled’s brother, a very talented musician, soon joined the band. His musical knowledge and creativity even proved to be necessary to the band. The quartet’s name was then Guitara Band. The band’s objective was to mix traditional music with contemporary American music. Their first album was, however, not very successful. The band became famous on the international scene thanks to their second album "Qessati", released in 2001

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