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Returning from a self-imposed recording hiatus, Obese Records captain Pegz rises from the silence with the formation of Gully Platoon, the three-pronged attack from three of Australian hip hop’s most formidable talents. Forging a brand new path and sound, Gully Platoon features the heralded voice of Pegz alongside new breed MCs Dialectrix and former Down Under Beats co-member Joe New. The group set forth to release Australian hip hop’s most challenging record, one that is boundless, bold, and unafraid to venture into different musical realms. Titled The Great Divide, the 13 tracks fight the restrictive nature of genres with songs that meld the worlds of old school hip hop with ominous undertones, soulful rhythm & blues, minimalist electronica, and some hard hitting rock. “Gully Kicks” eschews the production sounds of 90’s New York for the more contemporary vibe of modern Detroit. In “Nothing To Lose”, a juxtaposition of hard hitting hip hop with soulful choruses (paved by the vocal efforts of Kel Timmons), Gully Platoon showcase the urgency behind their music, while in “Human Graffiti”, they trade right hooks with Cisco Tavares’ soaring vocal melodies, never one to rest on a singular style or attitude. Ignoring the orthodox, The Great Divide offers a unique approach, one that is synthetic and organic, personal and universal. With production duties handled by Plutonic Lab, Jase and J.Squared to name a few, The Great Divide is the pinnacle of razor sharp musical textures crashing together with 3 of the most talented rhymesmiths in the business, all underlined by the surgically precision of DJ 2buck. Flow after flow, Gully Platoon’s three-wave assault ignites the senses, tackling issues with unmatched urgency from unseen angles. In “Bank Job”, they take the role of modern day Robin Hoods, taking down the crumbling economic monopolies to feed the struggles of their chosen causes. It’s about upending preconceptions, emphasizing the limitless scope and shattering the typecast. This is the new bold face of Australian hip hop. Welcome to the Great Divide.

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