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Gun for Hire is four kids from four different towns in three different states that under any other circumstance, would have never met. Currently based out of Annville, Pennsylvania, Gun For Hire was formed by Scott Hoon and Bryant Wong in August 2006, They were soon approached by Kevin Smith about starting a band, but they were unable to find a singer on campus for over six months, and remained merely a fixture in guitarist James Romano's apartment. It was not until January 2007 when Romano left for personal reasons that Gun for Hire finally had enough and scrapped everything they had written thus far and started fresh. In the following months the band went through another lineup change when their former singer was replaced by current singer Andrew Leonard in July 2007. Currently, Gun For Hire can be seen in a variety of locations in Central Pennsylvania, and plan on touring in the near future. Gun for Hire has had the pleasure with sharing the stage with numerous local acts in central Pennsylvania, and a few signed acts such as CDC, This or The Apocalypse, A Life Once Lost, and Century. The band has just recently released a seven song E.P. in April, 2008 entitled "Saving the Protagonist" which is available at all Bad Boys Toys stores and through their MySpace page. Any other questions can be directed to

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