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Gunnar Graps was born on November 27, 1951. Started in 60`s as drummer-composer in Estonian r`n`b group Mikronid, became also Stevie Wonder influenced vocalist in early 70s. 1972 joined Cream-influenced trio Ornament, one of the first hard rock group in whole Soviet Union although group perfomed also soul and even proto-reggae songs. 1976 established his own band called Magnetic Band, which started with jazz-rock but continued playng funky and blues music. In early 80s Magnetic Band turned to hard rock and heavy metal and became very popular band in whole Soviet Union. Graps was really carismatic frontman and talented songwriter. After the end of Soviets empire Graps lost his fans and listeners and his career was halted. 2003 he made local come-back releasing new LP "Rajalt maas" ("Off the Road"). Gunnar Graps died on May 17, 2004 of a heart attack.

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