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Guo Mei Mei (Jocie Guo), was born March 21, 1982), and is also known as Guo Mei Mei (Chinese: 郭美美; pinyin: Guō Měiměi). She is a Singaporean female singer who made her first appearance on the entertainment scene in the middle of 2005. She is known for her cutesy vocals to bubblegum tunes and a cute and impish personality. She is signed under Singapore record company Play Music which practices packaging and marketing their new artistes as cartoon caricatures on album covers and music videos. Jocie was depicted as a sweet innocent cartoon girl and became famous within weeks of her debut single release. Previous popular artiste under Play Music include the popular Taiwanese singer Ocean Ou De Yang. The former Singapore Polytechnic student has been an instant success, with her two singles selling a combined 55,000 copies. Jocie is viewed as Warner Music Taiwan's priority artiste with an extensive multi-million dollar marketing campaign planned for her regional debut and poised to follow in the footsteps of Warner's top Singaporean artiste, Stefanie Sun Yanzi. Her two music videos alone cost a staggering $250,000 to shoot, with top director Lai Wei-kang at the helm. Other tags for this artist : 郭美美

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