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Gus biography

There are several artists named Gus: 1) A Canadian punk rock band from the 90s from Vancouver, BC. They released a split, two eps and a full length album. 2) A punk band from Florida. 3) Gus, also on as Gus Black is a singer/songwriter from Los Angeles California. Last century he released two records for Almo Sounds under the name “Gus”, but now records under his full name, Gus Black. His cover of “Don’t Fear the Reaper” was on the soundtrack for the original Scream movie. His songs have been featured in television shows, including Alias, Smallville, and One Tree Hill. He likes animals, food, water, and most of all good music. . The above all released several 7" recordings. 4) A funk rock band from Melbourne, Australia in the early 90s. The released an EP entitled "Hallucinations" and later became Aspirin. 5) Gus Papas from Mississauga, Ontario is a Canadian classic rock guitarist who released the album Convicted! in 1980 which featured the club rock hit I'm not finished. He had several bands since then, e.g. Gus & The New Breed, Legal Tender and Gus & The Bottle Devils.

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