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There are 5 bands under the name Gush, 3 of which are still together. 1) Gush are a French indie rock group from Paris consisting of brothers Xavier and Vincent Polycarpe and cousins Yan Gorozetsky and Mathieu Parnaud. They play an energetic brand of "over-rock" and their songs have a heavy emphasis on vocals and four-part harmony. Their influences range from The Rolling Stones and Neil Young to Michael Jackson and 70s funk bands. Their 4 EPs to date are "Amazing" released in 2005 (under their former name, Guts), "Rocking for My Children" in 2007, "B-Side" in 2008 and "Gush" in 2009. Their first full-length album, Everybody's God, was released in February 2010. 2) Not to be confused with the rock group Gush, this Gush is a Swedish trio that has been playing avant-garde jazz and free jazz since the 1980s. Its compositions have been cerebral and quite abstract, and its recordings have emphasized dissonance and outside improvisation. Gush was formed in 1986, when tenor and soprano saxophonist Mats Gustafsson (whose influences include Albert Ayler and late-period John Coltrane) moved to Stockholm and joined forces with drummer Raymond Strid and the Cecil Taylor-influenced pianist Sten Sandell. Gush's recordings for Dragon have included 1989's Tjo och Tjim och Inget Annat (which united the trio with fellow Swedish improviser Sven-Ake Johansson) 1990's From Things to Sounds... From Sounds to Things and 1996's atonal Live at Fasching. 3) In 2001 Leisha Hailey and Heather Grody changed the name of their duo, The Murmurs, to Gush. The band also included Jon Skibic, Brad Casselden and Dave Doyle. They released a self-titled album available only at shows. The band broke up in 2005. 4) Also there once was another group called GUSH involving Andrew Hulme of seminal ethno-ambient project O YUKI CONJUGATE as well as Mark Sedgewick and Tom Fazzini (who would later form A SMALL, GOOD THING). Their sound can be described as a mix or experimental and ambient textures. 5. Nicholas Lowery also makes music under the name Gush at

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