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Gusset are Sean ‘Spokesy’ Perkins and Dan Pope and this is what they say about themselves in their official webpage: "Aye aye fishy-pie, it’s Gusset. We’ve got a funny name and we make music with loads of in jokes that no-one else gets. We think its hilarious but even our friends shake their heads in bemusement at us. So who are we, and why are we such a bunch of sad geeks with nothing better to do? We formed Gusset in Bristol in late 1995/early 1996 out of the remains of a few unsuccessful indie, industrial, death metal, country and western, jazz-skiffle “cross-over legend” bands who never did anything. Our original line up: Sean ‘Spokesy’ Perkins and Dan Pope (who worked together at Sainsbury’s at the time) and Helen ‘H’ Taylor (who Dan knew from college) made a bold step forward... and actually did stuff. Back then all our material was written on an Amiga 1200 running OctaMED, and we used to run the sequences off onto now archaic and laughable cassette tapes and we’d play along with them live. Sean played bass, Dan played guitar (badly) and H sang like an angel... with a depression problem. We wrote a whole bunch of our own material as well as doing our fairly average cover of the Eurythmics’ Sweet Dreams. We also had a nice laid back acoustic version of Killing in the Name but this never saw the light of day. Our major influences were Tricky, Portishead, Nine Inch Nails and, er, Jamiroquai. This led us to produce our own distinctive sound, days ahead of our time. Just days before our first gig, we innocently went out to see Meat Beat Manifesto, and we heard a support act that pissed on our bonfire. Sneaker Pimps sounded scarily similar to us only much, much better. Bollocks. We played three gigs, one of which could be called marginally successful, in the Bristol area during 1996. (More details on the Gigs page.) We then decided to take a little bit of a break... and didn’t do anything else until 2002. If there is one thing we’re learnt form this, its how to sit on our arses and do absolutely fuck all. So now, minus Helen ‘cus we’ve kind of lost touch with her, we are concentrating on purely electronic music, having ditched all of that old, dated, over used, rock based instrumentation. We can be seen still just around the Bristol area, hiding behind a laptop, in smoky clubs, with no-one listening to the cacophony we create."

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