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Gustaf Hildebrand is a dark ambient and drone music sound artist from Eskilstuna, Sweden. Years active since early 2000. As composer Hildebrand claims "astronomy" as his main artistic influence. He certainly sticks out for his distinct approach, which leads music to the borders of infinity and the "void", a recurring theme of his work. His pieces on the one hand serve as an aural journey to places of loneliness and solitude, drawn from memory or as yet undiscovered, and on the other hand as a tool to help one imagine the unimaginable. While Starscape from 2004 was a more obviously conceptual album, Primordial Resonance (both out on Cyclic Law) comes as food for fantasy: let your mind be the compass. These tracks could well be called "dark", but not in a frightening way, but rather to describe the uneasy feeling of being alone in an unknown place - after all, the majestic aura of old ruins evokes humility as well. The fact that Hildebrand is simultaneously looking back to ancient times as well as reaching for the stars only goes to underline the uniqueness of his music. He also appears on Swedish experimental and dark ambient music duo Lacus Somniorum.

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