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There are two artists names Guy Gross: 1. Guy Gross, a classical trained composer who has become one of Australia's leading film and television composers. His credits include Sci Fi Channel's "Farscape" (1999), the international hit feature "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" (1994) and the animated television series for children "Blinky Bill" (1992). His music covers a wide variety of styles. He has received numerous awards and much of his film music is available on CD. 2. Guy Gross, a singer in Germany (born Januar y 7, 1977) who went solo after his the successful duo "Band ohne Name" (formerly known as "Die Allianz") of which he was one half split up. So far he has released one solo album in 2005, titled "Nichts zu verlieren" (Nothing To Lose).

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