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H-eugene biography

H-Eugene (born April 6, 1979) is South Korean male singer. Profile * Birth name: Heo Eugene * Height: 180 cm * Weight: 70 kg * Blood type: B Career Eugene has built an extensive relationship with several South Korean pop artists making his career as a guest rapper for several musicians such as MC Mong, Bae Seul Ki, Taegoon, and more. He has been well noticed by the public and critics. Later, in mid 2006, he released his first album Only One Way which features a variety of pop and rap artists such as MC Mong, J, Jadu, and more. Unlike other hardcore rappers, Eugene delivers smooth, melodic sounds in addition to his vocals. He also considers rappers MC Mong, and Defconn good friends. Albums * 2006: Only One Way * 2008: H-Eugene and the Family

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