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Ha-Ash is a latin pop duet formed by the sisters Hanna & Ashley. They were born in Lake Charles, Louisiana and started to sing at the early ages of 5 & 6 years old. When they were 14 & 15 they were invited to sing in music festivals like the "Railroad Festival", "The Lousiana Music Cavalcade".After this the sisters decided to make a demo, Sony Music then hired them and released their first album "Ha-Ash" produced by Aureo Baqueiro. From this album were known hits like "odio amarte", "estés en donde estés", "te quedaste", and others. In march 2004 they received a platinum for 140, 000 records sold and prepared the release of "Mundos opuestos", their second album in Puerto Rico and USA. Recently from this album are played in radio stations "Amor a medias", "Me entrego a ti" & "Qué hago yo?" with high positions in latin charts. Early 2008, they recorded their third album, "Habitación Doble", in Nashville, Tennesse. This album have a collaboration of the singer Brandi Carlile with the song "Already Gone", their first and only english song recorded by them (like officially). The first single from the album was "No Te Quiero Nada", followed by "Lo Que Yo Sé De Ti" and "Tu Y Yo Volvemos Al Amor" as third single. Even when "Already Home" wasn't a sinlge officially, was picked as the iTunes Single of the Week in late September 2008 in USA. Ha*Ash's fourth studio album, "A tiempo", was released on 2011. The singles from the album were "Impermeable", "Te Dejo En Libertad" (the biggest success from the album), "Todo No Fue Suficiente" (about their parents' divorce) and "De Dónde Sacas Eso".

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