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Habakuk biography

There are three artists with this name: 1) Habakuk, one of the most famous polish reggae groups, was founded in the city of Częstochowa in 1990. The band's lineup changed a bit through the years. Habakuk are now Wojciech "Broda" Turbiarz, Wojciech Cyndecki, Krzysztof "Kiczu" Niedzwiecki, Jaromir Puszek, Marek Makles and Adam "Roccko" Celinski. The band has released seven albums so far: Mniam! Mniam! REGE (W Moich Oczach, 1999), Rub Pulse (W Moich Oczach, 2000), Muzyka Slowo Liczba Kolor (Gigant Records, 2002), Mniam! Mniam! REGE (re-edition, Gigant Records, 2003), Hub-a-dub (vinyl LP, Gigant Records, 2005), 4 Life (Gigant Records, 2005), A Ty Siej - Piosenki Jacka Kaczmarskiego (EMI Music Poland, 2007). During over fifteen years on stage, Habakuk have established themselves in the polish reggae scene. Their unique sound (a roots-rock-reggae-dub-raggamuffin mixture with "rock" being central), combined with "Broda's" rastafari-influenced lyrics, brings a fresh wind into polish reggae movement. In 1999 Habakuk started a live project called "Rege Inna Polish Stylee" which consists all members of Habakuk, and T.Love's lead singer Muniek Staszczyk. The "Rege Inna Polish Stylee Tour" was a major hit in Poland. 2) Habakuk is the name of a popular Finnish gospel band. 3) Habakuk is the name of a German religious band. It was founded in 1975 at the Deutscher Evangelischer Kirchentag (German Protestant Church Congress) in Frankfurt / Main.

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