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Hacienda biography

There are at least three bands named Hacienda. 1) House/Lounge Band from Germany Jürgen Kadel & Marcus Finger of Hacienda both hailed from the 1990s progressive house scene around Frankfurt and met at a party back in 1993. One year later they founded Hacienda. Hacienda’s debut album “Sunday Afternoons” on Harthouse in 1996 impressed a considerable number of people and received favorable reviews in Germany as well as in the UK and in the US. In 1998 the found a new home at INFRACom! where they released „Narrowed Eyes“ the same year anticipating the Nu-Jazz phenomenen years before ist was labeled as such. 2000 followed „Third Door Left“ including „Sabor“ which entered the charts in Italy and Turkey for weeks. „Third door left“ was licensed to Japan, where Hacienda was touring successfully. During their years with INFRACom! the career of Hacienda boomed and their tracks appeared on numerous compilations. They already had became an internationally renowned act, when they changed for Ministry Of Sound in 2003, where they released their next two albums If you ask Hacienda how they would describe their style they would say something like this. “Take a little bit of Bossa, Dub, Latin, Acid Jazz, Salsa, Brasil and may be some Funk elements, then add the specific Hacienda Flava and you got our style. Hacienda Style! 2) Rock Band rom San Antonio, Texas The band has always been a family affair with cousins Abraham Villanueva and Dante Schwebel planting the musical seeds that would become the Hacienda sound. The two had modest musical goals but were unable to secure additional members that were on the same page musically and personally in 2004. Meanwhile the two remaining Villanueva brothers were playing together in a band at bars and house parties outside of San Antonio. The fate of their band was short lived, and as luck would have it, the timing could not have been more perfect. Jaime and Rene completed the lineup and Hacienda was now in full swing. The four began playing together for no other reason than to make a complete sound. "It’s strange, but at the time, we had no intentions of doing anything more than putting a cd in the car and trying to trick our friends into to thinking it was some professional band," recalls Dante, Hacienda's guitar wielding cousin. "We all liked playing instruments and were just excited to play a tune that we liked and make it sound as good or close to the original version, that’s it!" It was not until late 2005 that the band purchased a small digital recorder and began tracking demos. As a matter of fate, a demo of 6 songs made it to the hands of Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys and since then, the band's future would be changed indefinitely. Hacienda made quite a buzz in the music world when their 6 song demo was passed around from musicians to record execs, managers, and the like. 3) Indie-Alternative-Rock Band from Brazil

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