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Hack biography

Hack Project started in 2001 by Moni Safikhani as the Singer\Songwriter\Guitarist. Hack music is mix of Alternative Rock and Psychedelic moods with strong lyrics powered by Mehrdad Fallah, a well known modern poet in Iranian literature scene. After two solo albums , in 2003 Moni teamed up with Mehrdad Fallah in duty of Lyrics along with Sarakhs, another popular local rock band, to record Hack's first album named 'Under my Skin'. Kasra Ebrahimi (Drums) with Behzad Khiavchi (Guitar\Backing Vocal) and Peter Akop (Bass) from Sarakhs joined Moni for the first album and each one added a great amount of energy and vibe to the album. This wasn't the first time Moni was collaborating with Sarakhs, as they had shared their vibes on stage at several live gigs. Hack quickly found its way to Iranian rock society with its first single 'Sheypoor' which received a huge feedback and appreciation at first UMC virtual music festival held by TehranAvenue. In late 2003 Hack had launched its website www.Hackroom.net to create a hang out for fans to share their love of Hack music and submit their opinions about the project. At the same time Moni was writing new songs and recording demo tracks for the second album. With lyrics still offered by Mehrdad and more focus on song writing, Hack penned more than 20 songs for the new album. Hack started to record new songs in 2004 with drummer Aynee Kaivanshokooh, Kasra Saboktakin (Bass) and Shahram Sharbaf (Synthesizer\Production). 'Man'. Recordings finished in later summer 2005 and the album went under mixing and cover design process. The new album was produced and engineered by Shahram Sharbaf, with CD sleeve designed by Zartosht Soltani.

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