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There are several artists named 'Hackman' on last.fm : 1. Ben Hackman from Selborne in Leeds, UK, is a producer who uses 90s UK garage and dubstep as a launch pad from which to spew forth their own distinct furrow of up-tempo bass business. Best known for the ace ‘Pistol in your Pocket’ on Fabric’s Elevator Music comp, ‘More than Ever’ shines a light into an often dark corner of dance music. Further releases include 'Close', Nick Grimshaw single of the week, supported by Annie Mac and Skream & Benga. The first single to come out of his 2011 debut album was 'Agree To Disagree'. http://soundcloud.com/hackman 2. Featuring the rhythm section from defunct boogie-rock merchants Lamont (Jase Forney and Todd Bowman) and the guitarist from heavy rawk bruisers Milligram and Roadsaw (Darryl Sheppard), Hackman delivers on their promise of stripping clean the corpse of rock and leaving only a skeletal framework of finely honed riffs and intermittent vocals. Fun Facts: Members of Hackman have previously recorded with Roy Z (Judas Priest, Bruce Dickinson) and Andrew Schneider (Unsane, Pelican). Hackman's debut album, "The New Normal", was recorded by Marc Schleicher (Quintaine Americana, Antler) and was released in early 2007 by Small Stone Records. There are a total of 12 words on "The New Normal" (not counting "Ohhh!" and "Yeah!").

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