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Haggard was founded in 1989 in Munich, Germany. Haggard combines classical, renaissance and medieval music with metal. The band started out playing death metal. They changed their style after their first demo tape Introduction in 1992, became a classical/medieval/metal band and produced two albums dealing with the seer Michel de Notredame in the dark days of The Black Plague in Europe. The album And Thou Shalt Trust... The Seer marked their breakthrough in 1997. After their second album Awaking The Centuries, they toured through Mexico twice. They are quite famous and well known in South America, almost more so than in Germany. In 2004 they released their third album Eppur si muove; the theme of which is about the life of the famous Italian scholar Galileo Galilei. Just before their album Awaking The Centuries the band had its highest number of musicians at 21. Currently the ensemble consists of 16 musicians. All their songs are written by vocalist and guitarist Asis Nasseri. Current Musicians: Asis Nasseri - Vocals, Guitar (1991-) Luz Marsen - Drums, Kettledrums (1991-) Fiffi Fuhrmann - Tenor, Crumhorn, Bassoon (1994-) Hans Wolf - Piano, Harpsichord, Keyboards, Organ (1994-) Steffi Hertz - Viola (1994-) Michael Stapf - Violin, Piccolo (1994, 2000-) Claudio Quarta - Guitar (2000-) Veronika Kramheller - Soprano (2003-) Susanne Ehlers - Soprano (2004-) Tom - Tenor Johannes Schleiermacher - Cello (2004-) Ivica Percinlie - Contrabass (2004-) Michael Schumm - Timpani, Bells, Classical percussion (2004-) Giacomo Astorri - Bass (Infernal Angels) Ingrid Nietzer - Piano, Harpsichord, Keyboards, Organ Manuela Kraller - Soprano (Xandria, Nagor Mar) Ally Storch-Hukriede - Violin (Ally the Fiddle) Patricia Krug - Cello Ferinda - Cello Anna Batke - Flute Catalina - Flute Linda Antonetti - Oboe, Flute Andreas Fuchs - French horn, Percussion www.haggard.de www.myspace.com/haggard2007

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