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There is more than one artist known as Haha. 1. 하하, a hip hop musician from South Korea 2. HAHA, An electronic musician from Vancouver, B.C. Canada 1. 하하 (born Ha Dong Hoon (Korean: 하동훈, Hanja: 河東勳) on August 20, 1979) is a South Korean entertainer. He first debuted in 2001 with a hip hop group named Jikiri, although the group was not very popular. His fame grew when he began to imitate Kim Jong Kook on the popular variety show X-Man, on which he became a series regular until its end in early 2007. He was also a host of Manwon Happiness (also known as Happy Shares Company). Many jokes are made about his short height, similar to MC Mong being made fun of for resembling a monkey. He hosts a radio show on SBS radio called the Ten Ten Club. Although he is mostly on X-Man, he has also appeared on other shows, including KBS's Star Golden Bell. He is currently engaged to former weatherwoman Ahn Haekyung, and is known for his close friendship with rapper MC Mong. Until February 2008, he was hosting KBS's music show, Music Bank, and was one of the 6 members on MBC's Muhan Dojeon, along with Yu Jae-seok, Park Myung-soo, Jeong Jun-ha, Roh Hong-cheol, and Jeong Hyeong-don. In February 2008, Haha began his military service, which will end sometime in 2009. He is a follower of the Daesunism religion, and he attended the Daejin University, instituted by the Daesunist religious group. 2. HAHA is electronic musician Greg Atkinson from Vancouver, B.C. Canada. His first release was City Ghosts in 2011 through the Cultus Vibes label. Says Greg, "I think I want to start describing my music as experiential music. When I write music, I tend to stay away from pop formats of ABABCB. These formats are best suited for narrative, where I prefer tableau. I like to create an atmosphere that will provoke feelings, thoughts, and emotions. Specifically, my goal is to take you, the listener, on a journey to a spiritual place that I have already experienced."

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