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A Hip hop super group consisting from Los Angeles, California of Aceyalone and Mikah 9 (Freestyle Fellowship) and Abstract Rude (Abstract Tribe Unique). The group's name is a combination of the words Haiku and Coup detat. which is put in one of their songs as meaning a Poetry Takeover. These 3 Hip hop legends had a blend of rap, jazz and poetry on their 1999 self titled debut album setting out track after track many consider classics. The group returned in 2004 with their second album Coup De theatre, this album was to show off their individual strengths while having the ability to work together to make their music, and included other artists like gift of gab, Busdriver and Lateef. With each artist having their own very successful solo careers and other hip hop groups it may be a while before the group returns for their 3rd strike to the hip hop community

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