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Halfbreed was a collaboration of Sol (formerly and now again The R.O.C.) and Skrapz. Relesing 2 full length albums and a couple of EP's. They basically redefined Horrorcore music as it's known. Pushing the limits of talent that it actually takes to make good music. Both Members got their starts in the game in 2 other horrorcore groups. Skrapz, started off as Krazie in 2 Krazie Devils with Psycho C(blaze ya dead homie/colton grundy) and SOL started with the house of krazees as ROC with his partners in crime, Hectik(monoxide child) and Mr. Bones(Jamie Madrox). After Hectik and Mr. bones got signed to psy, the ROC changed his name to SOL and signed his friend Krazie to become skrapz and release one last house of krazees album. The Night they Kame home was released and the then house of krazees rappers changed their group name to Halfbreed and released Kontamination and Serial Killaz. Later down the line, Halfbreed decided to explore other forms of hip hop, and formed LEVEL JUMPERS with Y.U.G. and FR EEZE. Level Jumpers released Simply Complex and Red Pyramids. After releasing those two albums, SOL and SKRAPZ worked on releasing some old halfbreed material and released an LP titled THE END, which marked the end of halfbreed.

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