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Half Dub Theory - band that was born in St. Petersburg in summer 2006. It consists of three completely different persons - vocalist Marina, guitarist Maxim and electronic artist Andrei. But together they manage to make music of unearthy beauty, which organically combines dub, soul, jungle, hip-hop, indie rock and even glitch. Inexperienced listener might associate HDT with the Bristol sound. More experienced one can find a lot of reminiscence of other creative trip-hop bands. The musicians themselves say in regard to this: «We are just making beautiful music and enjoying it». Since its inception HDT have perfomed at almost all stages of Russia's 'northern capital' St. Petersburg, given several concerts in Moscow, as well accompanying music icons such as Massive Attack, and Robin Guthrie at festivals. Half Dub Theory are: Marina Skalozub (vocals) Max Kubbe (guitars, vocals) Andrey Bolshakov (synths, samplers, turntables)

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