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Unfortunately, this band has broken up, with some members re-forming into a similar sounding group called "a thousand knives of fire" From the syringe laden shores, lush woods, and concrete caverns used as a playground for the infamous "Jersey Devil" filled with whiskey, Satan, and cheese curds, Halfway To Gone was born. The group emerged with determination on taking over New Jersey and the rest of the U.S. to follow, by pushing the already growing southern sludge genre. Whey they load their stabbin' cabin- a 70's GMC tour van (complete with shag carpet, diamond shape window and vintage Iron Maiden tapestry) and set their cruise control, they nonstop tour the U.S. and Europe. With their now classic "heavy stomp rock and road oil blues", Halfway to Gone inoculated the masses with their pummeling live performance. With the countless number of shows, 3 full length albums on Detroit's Small Stone Records and a split with Alabama Thunderpussy on Game Two Records, Halfway to Gone has surpassed their goals creating something very unique with their sound.

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