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I think it's time for a proper bio. No more rants and money laundering schemes Basically the history is as follows: We all move to New Paltz. Eric Ayottestarts solo project, write tons of catchy tunes, providing drums AND guitar for the recording of his album, of which I forget the name of, but it had some intense packaging and some transparent material attached to it. Following the release of this self released release, ahem, Eric realized that it would be near impossible for him to succeed in pulling off a one man band. So he recruited me, (David Garwacke, also of Air Raid Barcelona infamy) to replace the drum tracks live. I do a less than stellar job, which I am still saddened about. Eva also joins up adding some killer clarineting (sp?) and changing a standard 3 piece folk rock group into something much better and different. Dom, fresh off of the "saw if coming from a mile away" demise of Hammers & Popsickles, finished off our happy crew. We rerecorded basically all of eric's songs over for the first full length, even going so far as learning them as we were recording. It was all done in eric's bedroom with an ever-crashing version of (Audacity?). We played a bunch of shows after that, did a mini mini mini tour of California/Arizona, only because Eric and Eva decided to fly the coop midway on their yearly Gadabout Film Festival. During the Gadabout tour, Eric and Eva performed some of our jams acoustically. A awesome guy named Kenny heard Eric and Eva play and told them that he'd help them put out the full length, providing the me with my first real pressed cd. Once they got back from Gadabout, we worked on the EP, and recorded with the great Dan Edelman, of Technicalities fame. Stay True Paltz came and went, Eric and Eva moved to Buffalo, I moved to the city, and Dom stuck it out. Dom joins Potboiler.

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