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Halor biography

The band was founded in summer 1999 with three members: Ákos Komondi (bass guitar, vocal), Gyula Laczó (guitar), Ádám Komondi (drums). A year later two additional members joined the band: Áron Eichinger (guitar), András Szerdahelyi (keyboard). After having worked hard, our first compositions were prepared, which clearly delimited the trends of the band such as classic and twin guitar Heavy Metal. In summer 2001, our demo CD "Horsepower" was prepared in three days, which consists of six of our own compositions. The CD has become successful among the audience with appreciation. The fame of the HALOR has been spreading all over West Transdanubia, since we have organised concerts on a regular basis usually with an audience of 500-600 people. Feedback concerning our concerts is unambiguously commendable, which can be proved by the newspaper articles having been published about the HALOR The current line- up is: Ákos Komondi (bass guitar, vocal), Gyula Laczó (guitar), Gábor Béla Csaba (guitar), Ádám Komondi (drums). In spring of 2002, we have made a Hungary tour, with 17 stations and we have played also outside of Hungary (Austria, Germany, and Slovakia). These gigs were all successful for us. In winter 2002, our second demo CD "The Power's Breaking Loose" was prepared in ten days, which consists six of our own compositions either. After a lot of concerts, thousands of kilometers what we’ve taken, lots of hours in the tour bus, countless of beer what we’ve drunk we arrive today: We’ve published (by our own) our first full length album, called Welcome To Hell. We’ve got a lot of positive review from the material in Hungary and abroad as well. Now we are ready to show everybody what the real halormetal is, what we can do on stage. We hope we’ll see you soon in one of our concert http://www.halormetal.hu

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