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Harmony biography

There are several artists under the name of Harmony: 1. A rock band from Australia 2. A female rapper 3. A pop band from the Netherlands 4. A power metal band from Sweden 5. A heavy metal band from Chile 6. A video game remix artist 7. An egyptian christian band. 1) Harmony is a rock band from Melbourne consisting of members from mclusky, The Nation Blue and Remake Remodel. Playing on the ATP festival line up in Australia and supporting Public Image Ltd. they are starting to receive the recognition they deserve. 2) Harmony (real name: Pamela Scott) is a female rapper 3) Harmony is a pop trio which represented the Netherlands at the 1978 Eurovision Song Contest 4) Harmony is a Swedish Christian progressive power metal band. The group formed in 2000 and released their debut album Dreaming Awake in 2003. Bassist Andreas Olsson who is also a member of Narnia, Divinefire, and Rob Rock joined the group after receiving a recommendation from Narnia and Divinefire frontman Christian Rivel. They are known for their highly melodic vocals, progressive guitar riffs, and neo-classical guitar solos. 5) Harmony is a heavy metal band from Chile 6) Harmony is a video game remixer who's tracks typically feature mellow acoustic elements and smooth, driving percussion. Most of his remixes can be found at www.ocremix.org (Last.fm username: Harmony82) 7) As they mentioned themselves : "A group of friends who thought of releasing an album of christian praises and songs using Vocal Harmony and Piano and that's it."

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