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Headhunterz biography

Headhunterz (Willem Rebergen, 12 september 1985) is a hardstyle DJ from The Netherlands, Veenendaal. He was discovered by fellow DJ The Prophet (Dov Elkabas). He made his definitive breakthrough in 2007, when he performed at major dance events such as DefQon.1, Q-Base and Qlimax. Today he has his own sublabel (Scantraxx Reloaded) at The Prophet's hardstyle label 'Scantraxx'. Popular releases by Headhunterz are 'Rock Civilization', 'Forever Az One' and 'End of my Existence'. However even more recently, Rebergen teamed up with upcoming Scantraxx talent Wildstylez and created what might be the most anticipated hardstyle album ever: Project One (album and artist name). After a delay of several months, it was finally released in the first few days of July 2008. Even though most of the tracks were already well-known as every supposed Project One track played at an event spread through internet communities like a wildfire, the album was still in great demand. It will probably remain popular over the course of the next few months as the tracks are released on vinyl two by two, and will thus be continuously heard on events and parties.

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