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Herrschaft biography

HerrSchaft was born at the end of year 2004, from the dark thoughts of singer & lyrics writer M.X, to whom suddenly appeared the consciousness of the disastrous doom that is bound to humanity. From this mysterious and winy revelation he orders a mass recruitment plan that would make him to meet his soldiers, MaX (electro & live drums), then Zoé (guitars & sound engineer of the band). Whereas fitting badly with each others the three men all share the same passion for the anthropological research on mankind’s future, and they therefore agree to form a band that shall explore both faces of a world, altogether grand and desecrated. After a first work of documentation & composition, Herrschaft starts practicing live, and during summer 2005 begins the recording sessions of their first effort “Architects of the Humanicide”. The Arrival of MaT as a 2nd guitarist, at the end of year 2005 does not help the stressful ambiance but enable the band to make several chaotic live representations in France during 2006. As Zoé told after one of these tourmented gig : « we are not under control, anymore ». In the meantime, the EP wakes the interest of italian label Code666, assuring a well deserved worldwide distribution to the mass, and providing the band a new try to deliver its apocalyptical message, by signing a deal for an hypothetic future album. Notoriety of the band grows as the internal relationships rots. But as MX will himself say, “the breed of this bad temper is the only thing that makes the band go forward”. Therefore, the the band members participate to several actions like the promotional CD “Lustour Angels” in 2006 and a remix of Italian band Spineflesh. And as the years 2006 and 2007 become more and more unliveable, time comes to concentrate fully on the creation of the new opus. After a difficult, messy and mutual work of 2 years, even changing their band names as foul kings attributes themselves false titles, M[z]X, Zo3, Xew and MaT release a new album in April 2008 under the name of “TESLA”. (Des)organized like pictures directly get from the spirit of these four Architects, created as a manuscript for the generations to come, “TESLA” is here to prove to the fans of Metal and Dark electro that the union of these atypical genres has found a new name...

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