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Hey Ocean! - facebook, Official Website, Soundcloud. If asked, the members of Hey Ocean!, will probably tell you that they are a Canadian band, however their humble beginnings swapping songs on the beaches of Costa Rica are undeniably where the spirit of their music resides. Stemming from the minds of Vancouver songstress Ashleigh Ball and British-born singer/songwriter David Beckingham their mix of focused surfer energy, tight harmonies, and clever lyrics are supported by groove obsessed bassist, David Vertesi. With the release of their first full length album, "Stop Looking Like Music," Hey Ocean! has been spreading their sound across southern BC; their shows serving as reminders to their fans (young and old alike) that there is still a place for music that makes you feel good. Drawing on influences in folk, jazz, funk, hip hop, pop, and more, the young band incorporates whimsically poetic lyrics, finely crafted pop and funky freeform jams. Playing packed club shows for up to 700 people, their own enthusiasm at live shows is matched only by that of the growing audiences who have come to know Hey Ocean! as one of the best shows Vancouver has to offer. Passionate voices, pensive words, and frivolous fun keep this music honest and pure: from the heart, for the soul. In 2008, Hey Ocean unveiled "It’s Easier To Be Somebody Else", a fusion of playfully funked up party-pop and thoughtful lyric-driven ballads, introduced to Canadian fans with no less than three cross-Canada tours. Lead singer Ashleigh Ball is also a voice actress. She plays Allura (Voltron Force) and Oopsy Bear (Care Bears) and has voiced characters in Edgar & Ellen, My Scene Goes Hollywood, Johnny Test, Ricky Sprocket, Thumbelina, My Little Pony and Dinosaur Train. from: www.myspace.com/heyocean

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