Hi-tack top 20 songs


Hi-tack biography

Hi_Tack is an electronic group hailing from The Netherlands consisting of two Dutch producers named Koen Groeneveld and Addy van der Zwaan, formed in 1996 as Klubbheads. They also used a lot of other aliases such as Code Blue or Greenfield. Their most successful single to date is a remix of Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson's song, Say Say Say. They remixed it and released it in 2006 entitling it Say Say Say (Waiting 4 U). In late summer of 2007, Hi_Tack released a new single; Let's dance. This is a remix of David Bowie's 80's-hit with the same title. They have had other releases. In 1996 they released the album Klubbheads with a single entitled Klubbhopping. They followed this single up in 1997 with the single Discohopping, and again in 1998 with the single Kickin' Hard. In 1999 they released biggest success so far. They produced the worldwide hit The Launch for DJ Jean. Over their time they have produced over 200 remixes for various artists, including Armand van Helden.

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