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Hi:BRiD was a visual-kei/rock band, based in Tokyo, Japan. They started their activities on August 4th, 2008. The original line-up was JILL (vocals), ZERO (bass) and Kisara (drums). The band was signed under the "FUJI PRODUCTION inc. marder suitcase" label. In April 2011, they changed to a label that ZERO owns, “Office Bamb”. Their two support guitarists at the time were: Yura (ex-GHOST) and KENTA (ex-TINC). Hi:BRiD released their first mini-album entitled, "DICE", on November 26th, 2008. In December time, they had another support guitarist called Reno (ex-NoveLis). In March 2009, kiki (ex-キス&ネイト) was their new support guitarist. In June, they released another single called, "UTOPIA", kiki then joined them as a permanent member. Hi:BRiD celebrated their first anniversary as a 4-piece band. In 2010, they had another single release entitled, "glider". On March 27th, kiki left the band due to musical differences. Yura (ex-GHOST), who was playing support for Hi:BRiD since kiki left, officially joined the band in April. They released another mini-album, "MERRY GO ROUND", in August. In October, their vocalist JILL decided to leave the band. After his departure, Hi:BRiD changed it's band name to "HBD", and ZERO also took over as the vocalist,. In April 2011, Kisara and Yura announced they would leave the band. ZERO then put HBD/Hi:BRiD on a hiatus. However, in July 2012, ZERO found new members and Kisara returned to the band. The new members were: RYU (vocalist) and cray (guitarist). They reverted back to their old name, Hi:BRiD. Unfortunately, RYU and cray decided to leave the band in January 2013. Due to RYU and cray leaving, ZERO and Kisara decided to officially disband "Hi:BRiD" on April 1st, 2013. Members: Bass & Programming: 零 (ZERO) (ギロチン → Kar'MariA → Domestic†Child → ギミック → GHOST → as.milk → 愛歌 → Hi:BRiD) Drums: Kisara (楓~かえで~ → GHOST → Hi:BRiD → Hi:BRiD (Rejoined)) Former Members: Guitar: 零乃 (Reno) (NoveLis → 株式会社タスキンコ → Hi:BRiD (Support) → ViViD) Guitar: きき (kiki) (MerCurius → 白黒キネマ → MerCurius (Rejoined) → ENVY PROJECT (Support) → サドマゾ → xジハードx → サドマゾ (Rejoined) → キス&ネイト → Hi:BRiD (Support) → Hi:BRiD → SaT (Support) → POPCORE) Guitar: KENTA (I've → ギロチン → As'REAL → Shelly Trip Realize → TINC → DeBug (Support) → Hi:BRiD (Support)) Guitar: Yura (DOOMS DAY → ESCUDO → Misery → Kilah → DEViL KiTTY → GHOST → Hi:BRiD (Support) → Hi:BRiD) Vocal: JILL (RAM∞REM → Hi:BRiD → GALEYD) Vocal: RYU Guitar: cray (THE GLADROW → Robin Kampf Alfread → Hi:BRiD) Links: OHP vkdb

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