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There are five acts known as Hidden, (1) A US progressive black/death/doom metal band (2) nickname of a Persian rap artist in a band called Zedbazi (3) The songwriting/production alias of British artist Chris Aucote (4) Dark Symphonic Metal band from Moscow. (5). Japanese melodic power metal band from Nagoya. (6) US wall noise artist (1) Band utilising a progressive and dismal astral Metal style locking in on Death, Doom, and Black Metal along with blasting speed styles. To be matched by a supercluster of scientific theory lyrics and artwork, this is cosmic yet brutal material. The band's conception presents the projection of time as eternity in the cosmos. Current line-up Joel DePietrio (ex-Skeleton of God, ex-Exit-13) - Bass Patrick McCahan (ex-Exit-13, ex-Candiru, Red Stream) - Drums Killjoy (Frank Pucci) (Necrophagia, The Ravenous, Viking Crown, Wurdulak, Forlis, Cabal (US), Enoch (US), ex-Obscene Eulogy, Eibon) - Vocals Former/past member(s) Mirai Kawashima (Necrophagia, Cut Throat (Jpn), Gorelord (as guest), Enoch (US), Sigh, Amduscias (Jpn), Blood from the Soul) - Keyboards, Synth Akhenaten (Andrew Harris) - (ex-Judas Iscariot, Weltmacht, Sarcophagus (US), Jesus Fucking Christ, Flagellator (US), Krieg (live gigs), ex-Nargaroth (live gigs), Maniac Butcher (live gigs), Debauchery (US), ex-Seeds of Hate) - Guitar Imperial (Bael (Fra) (session), Demonic Christ (live bass 2001), Devotee (US), ex-Imperial (US), Judas Iscariot (live), March into the Sea, Nachtmystium, Twilight (US), Weltmacht, N.I.L.) - Vocals (2) Hidden is the nickname for one of the four members of a persian rap band called "ZedBazi". Zed Bazi is an underground Iranian Rap group from London which has gained much popularity in the past few years. Saman (Wilson) and Mehrad (Hidden) originally met through high school and they later befriended Sohrab (MJ) in a party. The group members are as follows: Saman (Wilson) Sohrab (MJ) - Master Joint Mehrad (Hidden) Siavash (Sijal) (3) Hidden is the monicker of Chris Aucote, a Birmingham, UK-based electronic artist. His music involves layering of synthesisers and samples, occasionally over broken drum patterns, with influence from ambient, folk, hip-hop and world music. The result is a eclectic melting pot of complex, downtempo compositions that possess an organic feel. (4) Hidden is a Dark Symphonic Metal band from Moscow. It was formed in 2006, in 2010 there happened the release of the first EP «Reflected Light». The bans comprises 7 persons, including clear female voice and male growling/screaming. (5) Melodic power metal band from Nagoya, Japan, formed in 1990. Released several demo tapes and a split, titled 'Melodic Renaissance', in the 90's. The vocalist, Hideaki Niwa, is currently in Tokyo's heavy/progressive metal band Vigilante. (6) US wall noise artist, releases are free and can be downloaded at http://hidden-noise-wall.tumblr.com/

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