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There is more than one artist with this name, including an 80s new romantic/minimal synth act about which little is known, and a disco/funk act. The rest of this article refers to the latter. the band contained three members, Eric McClinton, Meli'sa Morgan and Alyson Williams, all vocalists that were picked and employed by Jacques Fred Petrus in New York that gave them a name associated to the fashion business. They had all an interesting musical background. Eric had earlier worked as a vocalist with "The Mike Theodore orchestra" in 79 and Meli'sa as a vocalist on different "Kleeer" albums and on "A shade of love's" funky album in 82. Alyson, a daughter of the Jazz bandleader and trumpet player Bobby Booker, had done some background work as vocalist on several albums by the awesome band "Unlimited touch" before joining the group. In 1983 Meli'sa Morgan left the group for a successful solo career. Jazz vocalist Marcella Allen replaced her.

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