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there are at least 6 artist with the same name ... no because somebody found a 5 one 1) High Hopes - melodic hardcore from Kentucky, USA (1999-2002) 2) High Hopes - indie rock band from Paris, France 3) HIGH x HOPES - Straight edge hardcore punk band from Moscow, Russia http://www.myspace.com/highhopesxxx 4) Sweden hardcore band 5) Ukrainian Alternative Band. (hhband.com.ua) 6) High Hopes is a melodic metalcore band from UK (Until 2002) Kentucky, USA Melodic hardcore High Hopes split up in 2002 HIGH HOPES from Kentucky, USA were founded in 1999. After 2 demos, a couple of compilation contributions, their amazing split-7inch with the german hardcore institution / I / (later PHOENIX RISING) and a fabulous 7inch on Platinum Records, HIGH HOPES finally recorded their first full length record which has been exclusively released and distributed by LET IT BURN RECORDS. The self-titled CD embodies everything you love about bands like GORILLA BISCUITS, SAVES THE DAY and FASTBREAK. A vital mixture of classic, spirit-filled youth crew hardcore and emotional pop/punk music. The fine artwork was done by Ryan from INITIAL RECORDS. Unfortunatelly HIGH HOPES split up in 2003. Some of the members continued playing music together as DRIVER HAS A BOMB. Source : http://www.letitburn.de/releases/LIB-004-CD (Since 2006) Paris, France Indie Rock French group proposing compositions with english influence like Muse, Guns 'n' Roses, Dire Straits, Smashing Pumpkins, Television, Nirvana... They regularly do concert and have produced their first Demo ("The Venus White Demo") available since March 2007. The group is currently working on a more complete album. Group's Members : Pit - Voice & guitar Ludwig - Voice & Bass Fred - Guitar Ysy - Drums http://www.myspace.com/highhopestheband 3) sxe hardcore punk band from Moscow, Russia http://www.myspace.com/highhopesxxx 4) http://www.myspace.com/highhopeshc

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