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Surkin and Bobmo are the High Powered Boys. What do you get when you pair up two of the most hotly tipped young dance producers in the game? Straight up ghetto-house, with a healthy disregard for good taste and lofty ideals. It’s here-and-now music, fast and furious tracks mostly assembled via the Internet, with files instant-messaged and sent back and forth. Bobmo released two records and a half with Institubes and a new 12” is in the works. He’s played pretty much everywhere and toured Australia, USA, and Canada most recently. Surkin released a hit or two on Institubes, remixed lots of great people, from Foals to Justice and Paul Johnson and toured the world. His first album is coming soon. I suspect these two to have built small shrines to Dancemania in their bedrooms, complete with super-deformed Armando and Armani figurines. So they write these tracks with their tongues firmly out of their cheeks. They may live in Paris, but Chicago House is their dream music, something totally ruthless and straightforward but also not corporate, ambitious yet free of pretenses, pretentious but in a good, braggy way. It’s dance music in its purest form. High Powered Boys just reworked the new MSTRKRFT single and they’re doing the next Blaqstarr as well. A second 10” is coming very soon. At first we saw no need to release these tracks, as everybody and their mom had them, but then the boys told us they wanted to do a series of ten singles, and we were like (you know when Will Smith has an idea in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?): “Hmm... maybe we could do a thing...” So now we have the “100 Inches of HPB” project, ten High Powered Boys ten-inches. Here is number one. We’ll see how it goes.

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