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Mat P. Jarvis is an electronic music artist from England who has released one full-length CD and several other tracks on the Em:t Records label under the name Gas. More recently, Jarvis released material under the name High Skies. Mat Jarvis' work as Gas is often mistakenly credited to an alias used by German electronic musician Wolfgang Voigt. Although the two artists sound somewhat similar, they are separate and distinct musical entities. His Gas 0095 album is a highly collectable CD. The album, which includes "Microscopic", "Experiments On Live Electricity" and "Discovery", is also noted for the inclusion of the track "Timestretch", which is rumoured to be a complete four minute track shrunk down to one second. Much speculation has been made over whether the track can be stretched back again to recover this 'hidden' track. Em:t Records went out of business before the follow-up album Gas 2298 could be released. There has been a version of the album circulating the internet, but this has been confirmed as fake. Mat Jarvis is still (January 2010) very active and is still releasing tracks under the guises of both Gas and High Skies. Gas 0095 has been remastered and is available to download from the microscopics website. As well a new material, the site features a very active blog. For up to date information on Mat Jarvis, Gas and Highskies go to http://www.microscopics.co.uk You can also connect with Mat Jarvis on various Social Sites to keep up to date. Here are a few: www.twitter.com/matjarvis www.facebook.com/matjarvis www.microscopics.co.uk/blog www.myspace.com/microscopics

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