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92 HIA was formed by bobby bird in May 1992, at the same time he and fellow Oscillate club collaborators started running their legendary experimental electronic music nights in Birmingham. Improvising live tracks between records, the early HIA evolved out of sight in a live setting. Soon afterward the beyond record label started up in Birmingham, and the first track to be released, ketamine entity, appeared on the genre naming album ambient dub volume 1 93 Released a single speedlearn, some more tracks on compilations, and in December, a well received debut album colourform. additional writing input came from other members of the oscillate collective: Steve Savale, Dave Wheels, Steff Pierljewski, fosit.The higher intelligence agency now began taking their sonic experimentation out live across the country. 94 Seeing in the new year performing at the Brixton academy megadog, they went on to play at the love parade in Berlin, the tripping on sunshine festival in Copenhagen,and the oscillate - triple X in a 2,000 capacity gas holder in Amsterdam, both playing and DJing at this event, which was co-organized by oscillate, alongside orbital, autechre, pentatonik and sun electric. Released an EP reform and were commissioned to write a half hour piece of music as an installation for the mysterious, musée' lilim, in Carcassonne, south of France. 95 Began with remixes for biosphere (novelty waves), & pressure of speech (mothmath). In June played at Glastonbury festival, and in September released a second album, Freefloater. In October,a live collaboration between hia & biosphere took place on the top of a mountain in Tromso, Norway. The music, sponsored by the Norwegian arts board, was based around samples taken from the sounds of the mountain cable cars. 96 Recorded an album in collaboration with deep space network. Remixes for obconic freeform & space time continuum .'Polar Sequences' - biosphere / HIA album released in August. 97 'Deep Space Network meets Higher Intelligence Agency' album released on source in February - HIA/Pete Namlook album S.H.A.D.O. released in June. 97 A second collaboration between Biosphere & HIA took place at the 'Birmingham Frequences' live event in October. 98 Headphone, a new label, was set up by Bobby Bird through the help of fax, mainly to release his own material & collaborations with other people. His first release on this label, nothing, was released in December. 99 S.H.A.D.O. 2 second collaboration album with Pete Namlook. 2000 Birmingham Frequencies HIA/Biosphere released on Headphone.

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