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Hill of Beans was an acoustic "folk/punk" or "freak folk" duo that existed in the Los Angeles area from 1988-91. It consisted of Steve Moramarco playing the acoustic guitar and singing, with his partner David Markowitz singing and playing a variety of acoustic instruments including accordian, fiddle, and mandolin. They were popular in the local coffehouse circut, and would often play unannounced in a style they referred to as "terror folk." Hill of Beans recorded a six-song CD that was released in the beginning of 1990. The response to it was immediate and positive, with top tens and number ones on college stations all over the country. The song "Satan, Lend Me a Dollar" was one of the hits, a tune which would later inspire a young folksinger named Beck to write "Satan Gave Me a Taco." They also shot a hilarious video for the song! Hill of Beans was a rowdy, fun, often funny, more often silly, sometimes sweet, weird folk group. They didn't record much in the studio proper. They mostly just played live and delivered their songs in the old Woody Guthrie tradition. Those few that do own a copy of the 1990 CD often go back to play it again and again. "Satan, Lend Me a Dollar" is still heard on college radio stations and iPods around the world. Recently, "Satan, Lend Me a Dollar" was featured on Showtime's "Weeds" starring Mary Louise Parker, and featured on the Rykodisc soundrtack.

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