Hills top 20 songs


Hills biography

There are three bands called 'Hills' 1. A Swedish psychedelic/krautrock band that formed in 2007. 2. Singer songwriter from the Netherlands. 3. A surf rock band from LA. 1. Hills formed as a 3-piece in Gothenburg, Sweden 2007, aiming to make music that focuses on the groove/sounds and rhythm instead of the lyrics/message and classical songwriting structures. To create a meditative space heavily dependent on improvisation. To create a feeling but not necessarily to explain it through words. Influenced by everything from the early experimentation of John Coltrane via the repetitiveness of Velvet Underground, Krautrock / Psych in general and the grimness of early black/ death metal bands such as Hellhammer and punk. Hills try to keep it honest, analog and raw in the very best way they can. http://hillsgbg.blogspot.com/ 2. Under the guise of Hills, singer songwriter Anne-Maarten van Heuvelen plays rootsy songs. http://www.hills-music.com/ 3. Hills from LA play cool surf rock and are impossible to find online apart from here: http://hillstheband.bandcamp.com/

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