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Himeka biography

Catherine St-Onge (professionally known as HIMEKA, born July 20th) is an anime song singer of French Canadian descent. While fluent in English and her native French, she is moderately proficient in Japanese. An anime fan and native of Quebec, St-Onge moved to Japan to pursue her singing career in 2008. She was the winner of the Second Annual Animax Anison Grand Prix, a competition similar to American Idol that gathers aspiring singers from all over Japan for the chance to make a professional debut and sing a theme song in an anime television show. She was the first contestant in the show's history to break the 90-point barrier from the judges' scoring panel. Her debut single, "Asu e no Kizuna" (明日へのキズナ), is the opening theme to the anime adaptation of the Playstation 3 video game, Valkyria Chronicles. The name Himeka was from a character she created in a fictional story she wrote when she was 13 years old.

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