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Hioctan biography

The name: Hioctan / high oc|tane is a technical definition which stands for high knocking characteristic. The Biography: Hioctan was founded in 1999 in Rostock by Robert Heidrich and Michael Senft, because the current music scene hasn't anymore been satisfactory enough. The ambition was it to combine Dark Electro with EBM. After years of experimentation, it developed to a distinctive style. In 2002, the co-founder Robert left the project, so that it has to be regarded as a one-man-project since that time. At live gigs, it is supported by other artists. Also in 2002, Hioctan manages to subscribe a record contract with the label NoiTekk, whereby the debut album "Headscan" was published throughout the world. The second album "Concentration Overload" was published in June 2005. The Intention: Hioctan stands for dynamic music, which does not comply with any linear music, which is just orientated to be danceable. The music is living. A song builds up, develops, and then collapses, just in order to build up again with divergent arrangements. The drums and the bass lines form a symbiosis despite their complexity. The remaining elements are intended to be interlocking and to serve their purpose as a whole. The Discography: CONCENTRATION OVERLOAD | 2005 | NoiTekk HEADSCAN | 2003 | NoiTekk THE BEGINNING OF HEADSCAN | 2001 | self release DER WEG ZUM GLÜCK | 1999 | self release *the above information is taken from www.hioctan.de

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